Shazand Health & Treatment Network


Shazand Health & Treatment Network acts as trustee of people's heath in this township in order to promote the quantity and quality of health and treatment services and in this regard covers following units:
Shazand Health Center, Social Security Hospital with 96 beds and EMS Center.
Health Center is in charge of technical and administrative management of all the urban Health & Treatment centers, health posts, rural Health & Treatment centers, health houses and health worker training center.
Duties of Health Center
•Collecting, classifying and analyzing  required information for different health plans
•Identifying and classifying of local health problems and technical and administrative bottlenecks of programs
•Epidemiological evaluation and identification of endemic and epidemics diseases
•Providing and notifying necessary administrative instructions for implementing national health services plans in related units
•Codification health plans, proportionate to local conditions to solve health problems
•Planning to development and change in health centers, according to demographic changes and providing access and etc.
Now 85 active health houses, 14 rural Health & Treatment centers, 5 urban Health & Treatment centers, 5 urban health posts and 1 health worker training center are covered by Shazand Health Center.

Dr. Morteza Vaez