Tafresh Health & Treatment Network


The network along with its legal duties supervises on private clinic, food production and packaging factories, with offering health & treatment services in related centers and Valfajr hospital; also acts to quantity and quality improvement of undercover hospital and 115 EMS, and offering services with continuous efforts of personnel in support, health & treatment, food & drug scopes.

Health center scope: The scope offers health & treatment services to undercover population by 11 staff departments including prevention and fight against diseases, family health, health network development, environmental health, drug and laboratories supervision, health education, occupational health, school health, statistics and nutrition units, and 11 urban and rural health & treatment centers and 42 health houses.
Treatment scope: The scope offers hospital and pre-hospital services to undercover population by 1 public hospital and 2 EMS posts, in government sector; and also supervises on physicians' performance in private clinics and laboratories.
Food & drug scope: Food, cosmetics and hygiene supervision office acts with supervision on 3 undercover active units (3 food factories), and drug management office is responsible for supervision on all affairs related to drug such as private sector pharmacies (3 pharmacies).
Support scope: The scope is including public relations, office for complaints, administrative and financial affairs, personnel and secretariat office, constructional affairs, services, logistics and vehicle units, and it is responsible for implementation support affairs according to duties. 
Manager: Dr. Kourosh Dalvandi