Komijan Health & Treatment Network


Komijan Health & Treatment Network acts as trustee of people's heath in this township in order to promote the quantity and quality of health and treatment services and in this regard covers following units:
Komijan Health Center, Imam Ali (A.S) Hospital and EMS Center.    

Komijan Imam Ali (A.S) Hospital project initiated by one of the township's benefactor, called   Mr. Suleiman Anari, at Tuesday, July 22, 1997 and ended at Wednesday, September 22, 1999.
Komijan Imam Ali (A.S) Hospital has Emergency, Pediatric, Neonatal, Internal and Obstetric Facilities, Para Clinical, Pharmacy and Radiology wards, and also offers services in Dialysis, Dentistry, Psychiatry and Nutrition parts.
The center covers all areas of the township and also some nearby cities.
Manager: Dr. Akbar Zamani