Deputy of Education and Research

Dr. Mojtaba Bayani
Position: Assistant Professor of Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry
Degree: Periodontist

Specialized board and graduate from Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Arak University of Medical Sciences

Dr. Mojtaba Bayani holds a degree in Periodontics from the University of Tehran and has been responsible for teaching and research at the Faculty of Dentistry for more than 95 years. Click here for more information and information on his academic background and career.
Mission and job description:

   The Vice-President of the College as the principal trustee of the College's affairs is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:


        · Planning for effective implementation of approved training programs
          · Planning to provide training development conditions
        · Planning to expand the college's graduate courses in coordination with the university's teaching assistant
          · Planning to enhance the teaching activities of faculty members and attract new faculty members tailored to their educational needs


Educational Needs:

· Planning to review training programs and make suggestions to higher authorities
· Planning to encourage and support outstanding students and talents
· Planning to involve faculty and departments in management, operational and evaluation processes.



1. Coordinate with the faculty and management of the faculty for educational and research goals and policies

2. Coordinate with other units to achieve organizational goals

Coordinate the activities of the departments in line with the goals of the College and the University

4. Coordination of administrative activities and subsidiary units in line with the overall goals of the College and the University

5. Contact the University's Educational Assistant to learn about educational policies and submit suggestions and requests.


1. Monitoring the activities of educational departments

2. Supervising the good performance of the activities of the Department of Education, Faculty of Graduate Education Affairs, Office of Educational Development

3. Overseeing good enforcement of regulations, bylaws and educational laws



1. Implementing policies, policies, and policies of the university's teaching assistant

2. Participation in the Technical Education Council of the College

3. Offer, recommend, and issue orders to enhance educational activities and implement educational policies and policies in line with assigned responsibilities.

4. Receiving administrative letters to relevant departments and units, receiving suggestions from faculty, training departments, subsidiary units, students and staff and reviewing and taking appropriate action, attending Board of Education and Graduate Council meetings and the School Board

5. Cooperation in planning and holding scientific conferences, workshops, retraining courses


1. Evaluating the educational activities of the faculty including the evaluation of the teaching of the faculty

2. Internal evaluation of educational departments of subsidiary educational units

3. Training staff evaluation

4. Assessment of educational processes