Commemoration ceremony of Professor Qavam zadeh father of bone marrow transplantation was held in ARAK

12 November 2019 | 14:01 Code : 6479 news
Commemoration ceremony of Prof. Ardeshir Qavam zadeh father of bone marrow transplantation, attended by Dr. Harirchi, Deputy Minister of Health, Ayatollah Dorri-najafabadi representative of Vali-e-Faqih in the Province, Akrami, Deputy governor of Markazi province, Dr. Jamalian Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor, and a large crowd of officials and people in the Student Martyrs Amphitheatre of Arak University of Medical Sciences was held in Arak.
Commemoration ceremony of Professor Qavam zadeh father of bone marrow transplantation was held in ARAK

Representative of Vali-e-Faqih in the Province in the ceremony said that We are ready to set up a blood bank and bone marrow research institute in the province in collaboration with Professor Qavam zadeh and other provincial officials.  
Ghorbanali Dorri-Najafabadi added that blood and genetic studies section is very sensitive and important and should be pursued seriously, Professor Qavam zadeh has done a lot of research in this field.
Ayatollah Dorri-najafabadi stated that there were once no facilities in West Asia and North Africa, but Professor Qavam Zadeh served the country in the most difficult of times and was thinking of a bright future with honorable actions, and it could be said that he wasn’t looking for money and wealth that the youth of today should pay attention to it.
"Professor Qavam Zadeh has trained more than 400 students and has contributed to establishment of more than 20 highly sensitive centers, there are 1200 bone marrow transplants done annually in the country, and if necessary, that amount will reach 2000"he said. 

At the end Ayatollah Dorri-najafabadi stated that Markazi province boasts Master Qavam Zadeh presence and the province and history will never forget Master's service because it served God.  
Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education also in the ceremony said that number of people with cancer in Iran is lower than the world average and there is no cancer tsunami in the country.
Dr. Harirchi in the ritual celebration of the Master ((Ardeshir Qavamzadeh)) father of bone marrow transplantation was held in the Arak University of Medical Sciences, added" one hundred and ten thousand people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the country, in which 53 percent are men and 47 percent are women.
Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education stated that cancer rates in Iran are increasing due to aging, healthy lifestyle risk factors and environmental factors, and most cancers in the country occur due to increased life expectancy.
He said that people imitate the West in life, and this led to 60 percent of the population consuming tobacco, 30 percent of the population being sedentary, 52 percent having high cholesterol and 10 percent having high blood sugar. 
Dr. Harirchi stated that Cancer will grow by one hundred and fifty percent in the next 20 years, and now the number has doubled for reasons said. 

"People with cancer are the Health problem of the world today, and the world spends two percent of its gross national income on treating this type of disease" he continued. 
He stated that Dr. Qavam Zadeh as father of bone marrow transplantation of Iran in prescribing cancer patients, prescribes cheap drugs, a practice that is of less interest to physicians in this field.  
Professor Ardeshir Qavam zadeh, while describing the process of establishing cancer Research and Transplant Center, added" I started my career at the Shariati Hospital in Tehran, which didn’t have a hospital at the time, but with great efforts, Iran's largest cancer and bone marrow transplant center was established. 
He stated that initially about three patients were admitted and with help of some physicians within a short time the number of patients increased and finally transplantation and cell therapy techniques was imported into the country.  
Father of Iran's bone marrow transplantation stated that currently there are more than 450 hematologists and oncologists in the country and now even small towns have hematology and oncology specialists in the country and patients do not need to go to Tehran.  

Professor Qavam Zadeh said that with change of treatment over time, 19 transplant centers have been established in the country, the best ones being Kermanshah and Tabriz.
Deputy Governor of Markazi province for political, security and social affairs also said that Markazi Province has the capacity and readiness to build a bone marrow transplant center in the west of the country. 
"Medical students must now consider themselves a Qavam Zadeh to witness the emergence of people like Dr. Qavam Zadeh across the country" Akrami said. 
Arak University of Medical Sciences also at the ceremony said that Professor Ghavam Zadeh is a good model for medical community, especially for students in this field. 
He stated that two hundred and nineteen cancer patients have been identified in the Markazi province, fifty-four percent of whom are men and forty six percent are women.
Arak University of Medical Sciences stated that there is always concern in Markazi province that cancer population is high because of the industrial province, but statistics do not confirm this and require scientific and documented research.
" The most common cancers in Markazi province are breast, prostate, stomach and skin, and prostate cancer is the highest in men and breast is in women in Markazi province" he stated.

It worth noting that unveiling of commemorative stamp of Professor Qavam Zadeh, naming sup specialty clinic of Amir-al-Momenin hospital of ARAK as Professor Qavam Zadeh, visiting Ayatollah Khansari  hospital and groundbreaking of bone marrow transplantation and research center were other aspects of the ritual.

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